“Launching into the lifelong adventure of living in God’s grace”

what is AREA 56?

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Area 56 is a transitional Ministry for students in 5th and 6th grades in a time when everything in their life is, well, transitioning. Every Sunday at 9:15am and 11:00am we make space for them to be challenged, ask questions, be hyper, and learn to interact with each other! We utilize a conversational style of curriculum that assists students in knowing God through the study of His Word and to launch them on the lifelong adventure of living in His grace. To keep the students engaged, we spend one month in the Old Testament, the next month is the New Testament, and then a month focused on a specific topic and what the Bible says about it.

Over the course of these two years, 5th and 6th graders will get a better understanding of what adult worship looks like and why we come together on Sundays to sing praises to God. They will be introduced to the idea of missions and outreach and that “The Church” is much bigger than Carolina Forest.

Throughout the year, Area 56 will have different social outings or parties for fun and to grow closer to each other.

where is AREA 56?


The Area 56 check-in desk is located in the back left hand corner of the auditorium. We have a designated area just for our 5th and 6th graders to participate in the adult worship experience. Prior to the sermon, the students and the volunteer teacher exit out to the Student Center along with a member of our safety team to begin our discussion time.


For more information on this ministry or how your 5th or 6th grader can get plugged in, email Thomas Critelli at tcritelli@carolinaforest.org.