Singular and focused partnership equals greater impact for Christ

global outreach strategy

Our global outreach strategy is simple, we desire to form a singular and focused partnership with one local church in a foreign country. We believe that by concentrating all of our global outreach efforts in one specific church, that this will give us the opportunity to have a greater impact for Christ overseas. This strategy is relational at its core. We want to see the CFCC family develop relationships with our partner church family so that both church bodies may be able to share the love of Christ with our communities . It is through these intercultural relationships, that we will grow and mature in our understanding of who God is and His love for us.


Nathan, Laura, Reagan, Malachi, Abigail, Darrell, and Isaiah Norman

Nathan, Laura, Reagan, Malachi, Abigail, Darrell, and Isaiah Norman

As God showed us His vision for the global outreach at CFCC, we began to research and pray that God would lead us to the church that He wants us to partner with. Through this, we connected with Praying Pelican Missions. PPM’s goal to facilitate a partnership like the one we desire. They provide us with the opportunity to build lasting relationships on short-term mission trips with local churches. While we may only be in Costa Rica for a couple of weeks each year, our friends at PPM are there all year long facilitating the partnership when we can’t be there physically.

We as a church, financially support Nathan Norman and his family. Nathan and his family are missionaries that we met on our first discovery trip to Costa Rica. He now serves as the international missions director with Praying Pelicans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Costa Rica PPM staff consists of Costa Rica nationals who have been called into ministry and make our partnerships and short-term trips possible.


Pastor Dimas Alfaro

Pastor Dimas Alfaro

Through our partnership with Praying Pelican Ministries, we met Pastor Dimas Alfaro and his church Iglesia Mejores Días in Nambi, Costa Rica. God has given Pastor Dimas has a beautiful vision for His church in Nambi. It’s our desire to come along side he and his church leadership to show their community just how much God loves them. We do this by sending teams from CFCC to Nambi multiple times throughout the year.


There are so many ways to be part of our global outreach efforts in Costa Rica. Starting with going and experiencing it first hand. Approximately 9 months prior to a trip, we will have discovery meetings. The goal of this meeting is to answer any questions you may have so that you can begin praying about going with us on our next trip. You can also email Charles Fox at with any other specific questions you may have regarding our short-term mission trips.

It’s our hope that the entire church body is able to be part of our global outreach partnership. And we know that it is not always possible to physically go on a trip. So we have put together several ways for you to support these efforts right here from home. Click here to learn more!