Why Membership Matters

Why? Why the class? Why the process? Do I really need to join? If so, why can’t I just call myself a member?

If someone wanted to marry your daughter, would you try to get to know them a little first? We would. The church is a family. Becoming a part of that family is a big deal. It means something. We aren’t just committing to tolerate each other on holidays. We are committing to serve together to bring glory to God and spread the Gospel across the street and around the world. We take the mission of Jesus seriously and as such we don’t take membership lightly. Becoming a part of a church is an important decision. It’s also a wonderful one. We encourage each other. We support each other. Joining a church is an honor and a responsibility. We want to make sure everyone knows what they are getting into.

Covenant Membership Class

The church is family. Joining a church should not be taken lightly. We want to know you and for you to know us before you make that commitment. To help do so we offer a Unity class that will cover our values, our mission, vision, the basics of our beliefs, and what it means to be a part of Carolina Forest Community Church. There are three steps required to becoming a member:

  1. Attend the Covenant Membership Class

  2. Baptism

  3. Sign Up


Baptism is an act of obedience done in response to receiving the Gospel and professing our faith in Jesus Christ. We baptize through immersion because we believe this is what is meant by the word itself and because immersion symbolizes what baptism is all about – we die to ourselves and are raised to walk a new life in Christ Jesus.

If you have not been baptized, we ask that you take this step before becoming a covenant member. If you would like to know more about baptism, contact us, and we can go over any questions you have and get you signed up for our next baptism service.

Signing Up

The final step to becoming a member is to fill out the Covenant Agreement from the Unity book you received at the Covenant Members Class. Once you have been through the class and know who we are and what we are about as a church, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and join our church family. Once you fulfill the requirements of membership and sign the covenant, you will be considered a member.