Missions does not have to feel like such distant idea!

what is Partnership?

The partnership we desire to create with Iglesia Mejores Días is not just for those handful of people who go on a trip to Costa Rica each year. We view partnership as our entire church body connecting in some way with the people of Nambi.

Ministering to a small village in Costa Rica can feel like such a distant idea when you aren’t able to go yourself. Often times it’s hard to connect with what is happening over there while we are busy with the challenges of life right here at home. Because of that, we have put together a few ways in which we can all be a partner, even when we aren’t able to physically go with a mission team. Don’t let the fact that you can’t go on the next trip keep you from engaging in what God is doing between our two churches.

1. Always start with prayer

For those who have gone a short-term mission trip, you know that the most important thing is prayer. Every single conversation, every moment, every project is first prayed over. And this prayer starts before we ever set foot on an airplane. There is nothing that the enemy would like more than to distract those who are going and try to stop us from showing Christ’s love to those who are far from Him. For many of us, we will pray more leading up to and during this one week than we pray in an entire year.

So we pray! We pray before we leave. We pray while we are there. And we continue to pray when we get back. We ask that you pray for the people of Nambi.

  • That God would prepare their hearts for them to hear the Gospel.

  • That God would protect those from CFCC who have made a sacrifice in may different ways to get to Costa Rica.

  • And that God would grow our relationship with Iglesia Mejores Días for generations to follow.

Obviously, you can pray anytime, but if you would like to come to the church, Pastor Mark Roach has set up Miracle Mondays from 6pm to 7pm on Monday evenings. We strongly believe in the power of prayer and that God is still in the business of miracles. So if you want a place to go to dedicate time in prayer, this is a great opportunity!

2. put together a costa Rica GO kit

A GO Kit (Global Outreach Kit) is a list of essential items for those who are going on the next mission trip. From an air mattress and sheets to bug spray and toiletries, these are must haves for every person going on a mission trip to Costa Rica. By putting together a GO Kit, you are not only blessing a team member, you are showing them that they have people who are supporting them from home and that goes a long way!

Click the button below for a downloadable .pdf of the GO Kit checklist. You can turn in your GO Kit on Sundays in the Connection Center or drop it by the church office during the week. These kits will be given out to the individual team members prior to the next group leaving for Costa Rica!

3. toys for god’s kids


Every child loves toys and the kids of Costa Rica are no different! Jim Sollecchio works with an organization called Toys for God’s Kids where they take scrap wood and turn it into a hand crafted wooden toy car for children all over the world. If you would like to volunteer to help Jim, you can call him at (303) 525-1228. He and a group of volunteers go to his home on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm to build these unique gifts. You can be an experienced wood worker or not at all, there is something for everyone to do!


Pastor Dimas and Iglesia Mejores Días has a huge heart for the children of Nambi so while we hope to provide children with food for nourishment, we will also be taking a hand crafted car for every child we come in contact with!

4. financial support

One of our core values is generosity, making our outreach efforts a reality. If God places it on your heart to give to our Costa Rica outreach, we guarantee that 100% of your donation will go toward our global outreach efforts in Nambi. Financial donations allow us to provide a hot meal for the kids and elderly that Iglesia Mejores Días ministers to on a weekly basis. These gifts also help us complete much needed work projects on the campus of our partner church. Donations also give us the opportunity to share the gospel with people as we give away free groceries to families in need.

If this a way in which you would like to support the global outreach at CFCC, you can give online today by clicking on the button below. Every gift toward our Costa Rica fund is tax-deductible.